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Kill your Darlings


“kill your darlings” is the first and most important step in order for one to bloom. We too often are dragged down by our regrets and by our past, we refuse to move forward as the past haunts our judgement. We keep procrastinating, we say “tomorrow’s gonna be the day ” but tomorrow never comes.



Unfortunately my logic has no proof, I haven’t seen anyone brave enough to overcome his past, I’ve only seen those that want to; what a shame, for one to be so close to happiness but to be scared by it.


Society is the biggest virus, it indoctrinates our brain, it controls us; it lies us that we can’t do something because of the position we have. 


“we can’t have that because of that” 


I’ll cut this short.


Dear reader, even if you heard this countless times, don’t let others dictate your future, don’t let others put a label on you and if they do, just rip it off or wear it with it pride, don’t care too much about it, life is too short to take everything to heart. I remember reading a quote “By being yourself, you put something wonderful in the world that was not there before” unfortunately I can’t remember who quoted that but I think it rests just fine on the bottom of this page.



You recieve what you give


You expect to have a well paid job, maybe an office job and be respected by everyone at the work place but all your life you were a failure, you didn’t pay attention to classes, you skipped some of them as well, you didn’t read a book in your entire life, you were a piece of shit but you feel left out because “you deserve better” . Well, keep telling that to yourself, lie yourself that the problem is with society, that it is corrupt and I don’t know, any other bullshit you keep telling yourself. If you’d get your dream job you wouldn’t know what to do, because those that claim that job make it seem easy, behind the curtain there’s plenty of sweat.

As I usually do in here, I talk from my own experience and believe, as someone who’ve always dreamt of luxury and expensive stuff, working as a sla-, I mean as a waiter fora  couple of bucks a day pisses me off. I’ve got so much to learn to get back on the right track and I feel like I ran out of time. I want to do something I enjoy, to be proud of my job, when someone asks me “what do you do for a living bro?” I wanna look him in the eyes and say ” What I’ve always wanted to do”.

But argh, what do I know, I’m tired as fuck right now, been thinking about this post whole day at work but now I can’t seem to come up with more, point I’m trying to make is that early sweat saves your future so don’t say procrastinate anymore , don’t “leave for tomorrow what you can do today” because despite what you may think, you’re running out of time.

Work for the people you hate


For the past couple of months I’ve been working as a waiter and I can tell you, it’s the shittiest job ever, I can’t categorise it otherwise. I’m a person who dreams big, I want fame, I want money,  I want it all, and as a waiter who works mostly at events, serving rich fucks who have what I don’t and who can enjoy their time drinking themselves to death either at a fashion showcase or an award ceremony, fuck, it makes me lose my mind.

For too long have I been faking my smile while I refill their glass of expensive champagne, for too long have I brought them whatever the fuck they wanted. I need to stand among them therefore I must succeed in life, early.

So that’s gotta be my advice, watch your future self enjoy life while you work for him and wait, patiently until you get there too but don’t forget where you started from.