Happily ever after.

by madafakarovsky


There was a time when I believed in those words, blinded by dreams and illusions of a happy life. Now, I just believe it’s a big fat lie couples tell each other to make them feel more secure about the future of their relation.

How could you tell someone “we’ll live happily ever after”?, look them in the eye, don’t shift your gaze, just look straight and tell them you will love them forever without having any knowledge of the problems that may come your way, or the persons you’ll meet, promise them you won’t have second thoughts on your relationship and that if they get 50 pounds fatter, you’ll still love them. I, myself have said that lie twice in my life and I don’t intend to do it ever again, I want to focus on the present of my relationship and not get drunk with dreams.

Don’t lie, be as honest as you can be, just say ” I love you now, at this moment you’re my most valuable belonging” and I promise you, it would mean so much more if things won’t last.

There’s no cure for a broken heart, only time heals it, but still leaves a scar you’ll always wear.