Her body

by madafakarovsky

*Note, this is an old writing*


I’ve been a stranger to her body for too long but when I touched it, it felt like I knew it since forever. Her grip was soft at first but at days passed she held my waist stronger every time we kissed, probably because I was on the leave and she got used to my presence.

Her lips felt so soft, even though they were so tiny and the upper one was missing, I loved them, the only thing I disliked is that every time I went for a lip bite I barely caught them, guess I didn’t have enough experience. The way she kissed , felt like I could kiss her forever, fuck air, who needs it, I would just suffocate with her kisses, I loved her taste, damn, she tasted good unlike me, I was a combination of alcohol and cigarettes.
I felt embarrassed when she asked me what colour her eyes were and it felt like i was mistaking it. I was so lost into them, that deep brown colour hooked me up right away, I’m usually embarrassed to look someone in the eyes, I don’t have that kind of confidence but looking her in the eyes felt comfortable, they were so friendly and beautiful, they only made me kiss her more and more.

Her delicate body was a mystery to me but even so I fell in love with it, I didn’t explore it, I just gazed at it. Heh, damn how special she was, I didn’t even touch her ass as I used to do with every other girl after the first kiss, guess I didn’t want to be a douche, for the first time in my life cause she was so delicate, she didn’t deserve another one her life, she needed to be treated as a royalty not as a trump.

One of the parts of her body I did explore quite a lot, was her neck, I loved her, she told me it was her sensible point, I loved playing with it, don’t get me wrong, I’m not talking about ripping in or something, it just felt so soft, I’ve held myself back from hickeys, not even sure why but I did and there were times I wanted to bite it but I’m not a vampire so I thought that’d be strange to do and would scare her off.
Her whole body was perfect an she knew how to dress, she knew how to make good use of her body.

She seemed so fragile yet so strong.