First London writting

by madafakarovsky

firsHeh, this is the first thing i wrote when I came to London, I remember the thoughts I had back then, that night ended up with me crying myself to sleep. The grammar mistakes are obvious, I was so nervous, I panicked that night I didn’t know what to do but I’m so glad I wrote this because now, months later I can look back to it and see great improvements.

My hope is back to it’s place and I’m more confident now, I’ve experienced some fucked up shit but, I know I have a future now and that my goal is worth pursuing as hard as it is. Digging up old stuff really puts me to peace and gives me hope for tomorrow.

I am now employed and I have plenty of drafts written in my computer that wait to be finished and published one day, so many ideas that patiently wait to be explored.

I know I can make it, just wait for me world.