Work for the people you hate

by madafakarovsky


For the past couple of months I’ve been working as a waiter and I can tell you, it’s the shittiest job ever, I can’t categorise it otherwise. I’m a person who dreams big, I want fame, I want money,  I want it all, and as a waiter who works mostly at events, serving rich fucks who have what I don’t and who can enjoy their time drinking themselves to death either at a fashion showcase or an award ceremony, fuck, it makes me lose my mind.

For too long have I been faking my smile while I refill their glass of expensive champagne, for too long have I brought them whatever the fuck they wanted. I need to stand among them therefore I must succeed in life, early.

So that’s gotta be my advice, watch your future self enjoy life while you work for him and wait, patiently until you get there too but don’t forget where you started from.