by madafakarovsky

Well, tonight as I was smoking my last cigarette, outside in the windy weather, shaking like someone who has parkinson, old thoughts surface.

Heh, for some reason an image of me watching Naruto on tv, I didn’t have internet at that time, (I think it was somewhere around 2007 or 2008) and after every episode I would text my crush who would also watch it and talk bout how awesome that episode until we both fell asleep. I miss those times so bad, now I doubt kids do this, they just download whatever they’re watching and watch it in their spare time, time do change. Since I’ve started with animation, this reminds me of the time I would rush home from school to watch Yu-gi-oh or when I had to wake up in the weekends early in the morning to catch pokemon and Power Rangers, oh-oh and not to forget, I was a huge fan of Scooby Doo during my childhood, it was probably my favourite cartoon and I remember every morning, before going to school I would wake up one hour earlier to watch the very first episodes of the series, during the day there were the new one “what’s new scooby doo” and as a hardcore fan, I knew them all, I only missed the old ones which after some months of early waking I got to see. Damn, how bad I miss those times, it felt like my life had a purpose and I took it so seriously.

*I’ll make a bracket here and say that Scooby doo actually helped me through some scary times; after watching a scary movie or when I was afraid at night I wuld just start singing “what’s new scooby doo, we’re coming after you, gonna solve that mystery..” So yeah, as I said, hardcore Scooby fan ❤ *

Something odd, that I think no one else did as a kid and I’m damn sure no one does it now. Together with leo ( RIP, you’re not forgotten even now 1 decade later, you were a good boy) my companion I used to chase butterflies with a stick (yes a stick not a net or something) in the lucerne, we would run after them all day long and it was incredible fun.

Or that time when I would play spy with my friends on my grandpa and follow him around, amazing.

Or fighting with a stick alone, making up scenarios that would make me cry because my imagination was so complex even as a child.

Or, haha, when both my parents would leave home I would call in my friends and play hide and seek sometimes ruining the house.

Or ..


Damn, I could go on and on about this, I always thought I didn’t have a childhood because I was born in modest family and couldn’t afford a lot of things but thinking about it, I’m glad I didn’t, I didn’t need money for what i did, this are times I’m proud I’ve lived and they are a damn good “back when I was a kid.” kind of story.

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